Friday, February 24, 2012

If I file Bankruptcy can I keep my credit cards? - February 23, 2012

The general answer is no. More often than not the root cause, pushing someone towards bankruptcy is credit card debt. That debt is what the client wants to get discharged. However, when there is a credit card held by the debtor which is in good standing at the time of filing or has a $0 balance, the debtor assumes many times (incorrectly) that they can keep that card after the bankruptcy. While I cannot speak for all creditors, most of them will still cancel your account. When you file a bankruptcy, you are required to list ALL of your debts, and ALL of your assets. You cannot leave specific cards out and even though you are only required to inform your attorney about cards with a balance, the cards in good standing, and without a balance will soon find out about the bankruptcy and likely close your account. People seem to be frightened at the thought of not having any credit cards to fall back on, what they don’t realize is the hundreds of dollars they are paying towards those credit cards every month will free up and actually become available funds. With those funds you can purchase a prepaid "Debit" card that looks like, and is useable as a credit card.

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